Soul Purpose

I’m obsessed with your gifts. Day two of taking Soul Purpose and already feeling the transformation. 
— Lauren

"Hi Alexis, Some wonderful things have happened since I started Soul Purpose seven weeks ago (two weeks ago, I landed my dream job almost exactly the way I had journaled it!). I’m calmer, more focused and l have (strangely) a wonderful peace around money & finances that I’ve NEVER had before. I will continue using it for another 6 weeks to make sure I receive full benefit. I LOVE the way I feel on so resonates for me!"

— Laura M., Augusta, Georgia

"Where do I even begin? I feel like it's almost magical--can an essence I've been taking for just approx. 2 weeks affect me so positively in so many ways? Part of my purpose is to be a better Mom and help as much as I can at home and at work. I feel like a better Mom already--more patient, more present, more focused on giving what my kids need. I also feel like a better friend, and better at work also. I recently had a couple of small dinners at our house for friends, and it used to stress me to the max to do that before. Everything seemed so easy from inviting to prepping food. No stress at all. I also feel more outgoing and more productive at work. Oh, and I almost forgot a very important thing. I seem to be way better with money also--I was putting off filing paperwork to claim $5000, and at the very last minute, I made the herculean effort of doing the papers. I think I am getting some, if not all of it back. Also, I used to spend too much, and now I feel like my spending has brakes--I weigh everything carefully, and make do with finishing stuff I already have, or having shoes and bags repaired instead of wasting money on new ones I don't need. Can all this be possible with this essence? If so, AMAZING! Thanks Alexis! If I had any skepticism at all about flower essences, I am now a true believer after my experience, as well as family members' improvements."

— Karyl, Philippines

"We've had great success with your flower remedies for our children, and I, personally, benefited so much from your Soul Purpose blend."

— Annica G.

"I purchased Soul Purpose at a time where I felt like I had nothing but options in front of me. Namely the same old safe route, or the exciting unknown route that I have nothing but curiosity for. Soul Purpose clarified my path, made the right things glow (so I couldn't miss them!), and helped me to decide that it was time to follow a passion of mine, rather than staying on the safe path that did not bring me joy. It took me some time to make that decision reality--but I now have. Soul Purpose illuminated the messages the universe wanted me to see. Now I am using Ganesh to make the most of the new adventure!"

— Denise, Vancouver, WA

Hi Alexis,
I finished Soul Purpose last month and loved it. I felt like my life was flowing and I felt really light.
— Rebecca R., Knoxville, TN
Grace Abbott