Safe and Sound

Hi Alexis! Truly, Safe and Sound gave me my life back! I used your Safe and Sound remedy a year and a half ago and it completely wiped away my debilitating anxiety. Once my bottle was finished I never used it again and felt great.  I’m so thankful to have found you and your remedies. 
— Kat

I introduced it to a friend who is taking Safe and Sound and First Aid Kit and she said it's been a total turn around for her on the anxiety front and that she took First Aid Kit before a speech that she would usually be super nervous for and that she killed it and was so comfortable. 

— Jocelyn, New York, New York

“I’m shocked that after the first use I feel incredibly Calmer. I’m prescribed Klonopin, and family Xanax, so I’ve been finding ways to help quell this deep rooted and nearly debilitating anxiety that I could never manage to shake. If this is the first day, I can’t wait to see how I feel in a month. Thank you so much for creating products like these. Truly.❤️”

— Elise

"Hi Alexis, I ordered this for my 13 yo daughter who has frequent panic attacks. She's 13, in the 8th grade and she's been on it for about 3 weeks now and I really do feel she is calmer at school. I don't get this panicky texts that she feels sick to her stomach or that she's crying uncontrollably but doesn't really understand why. (I used to get these all the time from her last school year.) Now she comes home, says her day has gone pretty well and that's it-which is fantastic! Last year, I lost track of how many times the guidance counselor called because she was so anxious that she couldn't go to class. She was also so anxious at one point, she was borderline suicidal. The girl I see today is calmer, on her way to happy and I foresee that getting better and better. From the bottom of my heart...thank you for creating this formula!"

— Laura M., Augusta, Georgia

"Hey! I started using Safe & Sound and my anxiety has totally vanished! Amazing! Thank you!!!"

— Lauren Haynes, Wooden Spoon Herbs

"The Safe And Sound has been helping my anxiety so much already that I haven't taken a xanax since I started it. I was having to take it a lot lately due to the severe panic attacks. Is it normal to notice such a change so soon?"

— B.F., Lee, Massachusetts

"I want to thank you so much for introducing me to the flower remedies. They have changed my life. I didn't think there was anything that would work-in fact I was a little skeptical. Once you experience the paralyzing fear of anxiety and panic attacks you wonder if this is going to be your future forever.... and how you will ever have a normal life! Anyway, the formula worked. It helped me relax, stay calm, and helped me stay in control. I can't believe it! Everyday events that caused me so much anxiety are now enjoyable again!! I have even stopped taking the xanax I had been using for the last eight years! I really believe your flower remedy worked. I believe in this so much that I am now learning more about them so I can share this positive experience with friends and family that I think will benefit from these miracle remedies! Thank you again for giving me back my life."

— Maria, California

Grace Abbott