My main goal with WholeHearted was the emotional romantic clearing  from the past as I was being haunted by relationships from years ago and it just all needed to go. I have reconnected with someone I had been very interested in and WholeHearted came right in time. It’s been super helpful. What comes up passes faster. I now have whole days without romantic anxiety-yesererday was one-and emotions tied to my past are definitely clearing and I'm not even halfway through the bottle. I also noticed when a wave comes up it’s not coming up repeatedly. Sometimes I get anxious but I get out faster.

— J.K.

Alexis thank you so much! I can honestly say the WholeHearted has literally opened up my heart in the biggest way possible. You’re a fairy!

— Nomi, San Diego, California

Hey Alexis! I’ve jus finished my 4 weeks of WholeHearted-words cannot describe what I have experienced. I was molested at age 3, lost both my parents by age 22, am a highly sensitive person/empath and have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. I locked my heart up years ago for fear of more pain and it’s affected all my relationships in some way. After these four weeks, my heart feels open for the first time in decades. I feel a genuine love for everything, including myself. I’m smiling at everything and everyone. I am completely in awe of your remedies..I have tried everything and your remedies have done more to heal me than everything else combined. I’ve used the Bach remedies and have not had the experience with those like I have with yours. I am so grateful for Lacy Philips’ The Expanded podcast for having you on and no words could do justice for the gratitude I feel for you and your work. THANK YOU!!
With Love, Kindly

— R

Hi Alexis, I just wanted to let you know how much your flower remedies  have been helping me! I'm currently writing a memoir that deals with time and memory (lost my father five years ago after his struggle with a traumatic brain injury, and the story centers around my relationship  with him). I started out with WholeHearted, since I’ve been working through a lot of unprocessed grief and heartache, and am now taking Ganesh. Both have made me feel an incredible sense of expansiveness, self love, support and stamina, and especially with Ganesh, a sustained, non-jittery burst of creativity and focus. THANK YOU so much for all that you do. 

— Annabel, Malibu, California

I’m sure you hear this all the time but WholeHearted was game changing for me. After devoting so much of myself into healing my own heart, and working vigorously in steering myself from repeating old patterns/generally choosing better…WholeHearted truly took me to a summit within myself I didn’t know possible.  Half way into this formula, I noticed that my heart felt steady, self-aware, and worthy to stand up for my own needs. My partner also noticed the subtle shifts, and applauds the spaciousness it’s created. Flower essences are new to me, but I’m honored to continue working with these allies.  Thank you so much Alexis!
— Melissa 

“I’ve had such a good experience with WholeHearted. WholeHearted was my first experience with a flower remedy and although I was open minded, I would say I was cautiously optimistic about whether I’d really be able to notice any difference. Thankfully my skepticism was unwarranted – within a very short period of time, I noticed an overall sense of ease and peacefulness. After a few weeks of feeling so light  and even joyful, it occurred to me that I should look at the calendar to see the date I started taking WholeHearted. Sure enough the timing matched up – I had not changed or added anything else. I have recommended Alexis’ remedies to several friends/family members and I am ordering another remedy  for myself. Clearly Alexis is very thoughtful in developing her formulas and they work. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience! I ordered Soul Purpose today :-)”

— Jen

"Hi Alexis, I am currently using WholeHearted and it has been the only effective remedy to an emotional trauma that I've been struggling with everyday for over two years now. I've released so much and feel lighter, with my mind releasing pressure and tension constantly. I'm in awe and feel so blessed to have found my way to your medicine. I'm excited to continue working and healing alongside these gifts. Sending you many blessings and much gratitude."

— Yaira, Boston, Massachusetts

"Thank you so much! I have been loving your essences... using WholeHearted cracked my world open in a way I didn't think was possible. Now obsessed with all of them and how they shift things for me."

— Katlin, Brooklyn, New York

"Hi Alexis, I've been meaning to email for a while now and tell you what a difference the "Wholehearted" formula has made to my life. I didn't even need to finish the first bottle because my broken heart has now mended and I feel a completely different person. I am so amazed! The second bottle won't be wasted though, as it's always good to have something like that on standby. I just want to thank you so very much for helping me heal from something that has troubled me since I was a child. I really thought that I was never going to be healed, and to think that it could be something so simple and beautiful as flowers. That's really so lovely and awe inspiring. Thank you once again Alexis, you really are truly gifted and you're sure to hear from me again, sometime in the future."

— R.J., New Zealand

"Just wanted to let you know how amazing your remedies are! I used WholeHearted during the summer and I really feel a difference. Last year I went cold turkey on my anti-anxiety, depression, and insomnia medication (that I was on for 6 years following my mother's sudden death) and had been trying to find a different approach to deal with "life" issues. I needed a way I can embrace and work through the root of difficult issues without medication (which just fogs over the symptoms). 

I just placed another order this morning for my upcoming trip to Japan. My 2 best friends in Tokyo wanted to try your remedies so I will be bringing a kit for them to try out! 

So happy to have found your amazing remedies!"

— T., New Hampshire

"WholeHearted worked...amazingly. I had felt emotionally stuck and hurt for so many years, and my current situation had me holding on to a toxic relationship that really emphasized how stuck I was. I no longer wish for that relationship back. I had pined over this relationship for so many years...In a strange twist of fate, I met someone two weeks ago today, and I instantly felt some kind of cosmic connection with him. I feel like I have been ready for a mutually loving relationship for many years, and it's always stumped me that I couldn't find it. Whole Hearted worked so well for me. Thank you for all that you do. I am still in disbelief, when I think to where I was just six weeks ago. Thank you, thank you."

— N., Columbus, Ohio

"I used the Wholehearted as recommended and I found it to be very healing. It helped me with focused intent on healing deep seated wounds.... It was a profound experience. Thank you so much for your work!"

— Catherine, Floyd, Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing with the Wholehearted remedy. In the last week I have definitely been feeling less burdened and despondent over my ex. I feel like have started to let go of still wanting him or hoping things will work out in the future. I am no longer imagining scenarios where he is begging me to take him back LOL! I have for some time known that he can't give me what I need and I now am connecting that message emotionally. It was so liberating to observe the change in my emotional response! That is a great place for me to be."

— Maya, Michigan

"I really need to tell you that I don't think I would have navigated through last years’ badly broken heart without your flower remedy. It's not that I didn't still feel all of it, it's that it gave me the ability to inch away from it, to see it and feel it and manage to go through it...I wanted to take this moment to thank you."

— Justine, Los Angeles, California

Grace Abbott