Kids First Aid Kit

"I got these on a whim. It has now become a staple in our medicine cabinet. When I feel stressed, or a little sick, I take First Aid and don't seem to fall sick. I also give it to my kids when they have bumps and bruises, or tummy aches. Great essence, thanks Alexis!"

— Karyl, Philippines

"First Aid Kit is my saving grace! Thanks!"

— Amy K., Mother of twins, Los Angeles, California

"I am a one hundred percent believer in First Aid Kit. My son never needed Tylenol thanks to this remedy. He loved It and it made his teething days pain free. It’s a must have in your medicine cabinet."

— Jazz Monroe, Los Angeles, California

"I admit, I believe in Western medicine and I’m skeptical when it comes to natural treatments, but I was given a gift of First Aid Kit when I gave birth and I brought it along with me to my twins’ 1st year vaccinations. Afterwards, my poor darlings were crying their eyes out. I remembered my bottle of First Aid Kit and gave them each a few drops and within seconds they 
immediately calmed down. Thank you, Alexis Smart! "

— Eleni, mother of twins, Los Angeles, California

Grace Abbott