I will

"I was trying to get pregnant for about 6-7 months before I met Alexis at the Echo Park Craft Fair. I had a traumatic gynecological surgery and false cancer diagnosis a few years before trying, which had caused a lot of anxiety. Also, since I was going through fertility treatments it was emotionally taxing. I told Alexis all this and she immediately recommended the I Will remedy. I took the remedy for about a month and finished the whole bottle. A month later I found out I was pregnant (but it was actually 2 weeks since I finished the remedy that I got pregnant). Her remedy was a big part of helping me relax and have less fear around pregnancy. I am so grateful for her and these remedies."

— Annie, Los Angeles, California

"My husband has been taking I Will. He only takes 4 drops at night... It seems to be helping him. He gets stye eye infections that linger for weeks to months at a time, but he says his went away within a few days this time, which is a small miracle in itself. So far, 3 weeks since he was last sick, so I hope the I Will is truly helping him. So happy I found your site! Thank you!"

— Karyl, Philippines

Grace Abbott