Thank you so much for your product! I’m on week 4 of Ganesh and it’s seriously changed my life. I feel it in my mind and body. Thank you again!

— Julie

"I'm on Ganesh this month — I am feeling so much more confident and secure. Thank you and I'll be ordering more."

— Kate B., Santa Barbara, California

"I was at the onset of approaching galleries to represent my photography work and feeling a bit hesitant. 

I started using the Ganesh, but honestly, I wasn't expecting much. At the very least I knew it would be beneficial to my health at a time when I was feeling not my most potent. Fast forward a few weeks... I started acting on inspirations that had occurred to me several weeks before but that I had somehow brushed off. I was more inclined to float my ideas to people as possibilities and to see what happened. And there came an ease with taking some chances- my mind just seemed excited and okay with whatever outcome. I was lighter, my energy was brighter and all creative tasks seemed to come with more enjoyment. 

In a (rare) moment of feeling really proud of what I was creating (I have two summer exhibitions up at the moment), I remembered that I had been taking Ganesh. And I thought, really? 

So, I am loyal to Ganesh! 

Thanks Alexis!"

— Patricia, New York

"Hi Alexis, 

I recently bought a bottle of Ganesh from Dream Collective. I am an actress and wanted a remedy to help me feel much more confident at auditions. I audition quite a bit and get a fair amount of callbacks but want to increase my booking rate and feel that I am somehow holding myself back from booking more jobs. 

I bought the Ganesh on April 3rd and I have to say that I started feeling effects right away - the next day! The first week felt amazing. I definitely felt more confident, very focused (even when I was tired) and I found myself speaking more loudly (I tend to be soft-spoken), clearly and confidently. I had two auditions, days after starting the remedy and felt more comfortable and confident than in the past. As a practicing Buddhist, I am generally always positive and happy but I felt even happier in general. The feelings were very freeing and felt wonderful. I was so excited by how confident I felt, I didn’t want it to end! 

Thanks Alexis!"

— Holly, Los Angeles, California

"My son-in-law told me that he has experienced a very positive change in attitude since taking your Ganesh formula, and he is now actively looking to take charge of his life, rather than thinking he isn't clever enough or good enough. Thank you so much!"

— Maggie, Glendale, Arizona

"I got Ganesh last month, as per your recommendation. I must tell you, I felt so empowered and less anxious about the unknown. I am experiencing such a life shift and the presentation of opportunity, reaffirmation and support. I was in New York almost the entire month of November, and I did run out of Ganesh during the end of my trip. I noticed that my anxiety was starting to creep back in and my thoughts of "what ifs" were beginning to increase. Thank you for all that you do. I have experienced the rewards of your work."

— Melissa, Venice, California

Grace Abbott