Brain Drops

"Hi Alexis, I've experienced great results with My Personal Assistant and Brain Drops - both essential tools for work and home! Thank you so much for the great work you do - it really has made a difference in my life and I'm much better off because of the flower remedies that you create. Have a wonderful holiday."

— Josie N., Iowa City, Iowa

"I did find the greatest relief from the Brain Drops, which I took consistently every day. I have struggled with ADD most of my life and I felt totally trapped by the medications I was once prescribed. When I got pregnant in 2014 I had to stop everything abruptly, which was a huge challenge, but also a relief and the start of a commitment to try to find a natural solution. I own and operate a small business from my home and I am also a full time mom- the last few years have been incredibly challenging. I am a huge believer in flower remedies, but even I was floored at the relief I felt. My husband, mom, and sister are all on flower remedies now after my experience. Thank you so much."

— Caroline, Richmond, Virginia

"Hi Alexis, A couple months ago I was failing in school and decided to start taking Brain Drops. I now have almost all A's and I have this interesting increased ability to remember long numbers, so thank you!"

— Sydney, Middlebury, Indiana

"I recently used your "Brain Drops" elixir and found it to work quite well -- I could stay busy all day at work without a feeling of mental fatigue that I normally experience. Happy I had the chance to discover your product via Daily Candy."

— Lindsey, Santa Monica, California

Grace Abbott